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May 20, 2015

Aerial Video: 5924 Mero Rd Snohomish WA 98290

In the continued series of Snohomish County drone tours, we take a fly out to our new listing at 5924 Mero Rd Snohomish. Besides all the fantastic interior photos, the drone video appears at the beginning and a the end of the video.

My favorite, portion of the video is the end. Having to be on the water to film, the copter was flown up the walkway and through the towering Evergreens. The fly away video came out smooth and shows the home from a superb vantage point - at least we think so.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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May 6, 2015

Snohomish County Housing Statistics for March 2015

Are you getting the feeling like good homes are tough to purchase? At every opportunity, are faced with multiple offers and sellers accepting offers over list price? Market velocity has increased, home prices have escalated, and affordability is something from a by-gone time reminiscent of the foreclosure fallout. Without further ado, here are March 2015 housing statistics.

Snohomish County Housing Inventory

2015 has been marked by ever decreasing housing inventory and even less "good" homes for sale. As of March, housing inventory was down to 1.2 months (an equal housing market is 6 months) of standing inventory which greatly favors sellers. This low inventory is the key factor why buyers have to compete so heavily with each other.

March 2015 Snohomish County housing inventory

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April 16, 2015

Aerial Video: 6103 Storm Lake Rd Snohomish WA 98290

As you may or may not know, we are conducting aerial drone videos for real estate. Yep, you've heard right. A few months ago we purchased a DJI Phantom 2 H3-3D and a GoPro 4 Black for residential real estate tours. Needless to say, we are pretty proud of the results.

Below is a video for 6103 Storm Lake Rd, which is part of the Three Lakes area in Snohomish, that shows the property's position to it neighbors, surroundings, its low bank waterfront, and the home proximity to Flowing Lake (wait till the end).

Enjoy the views and the soft music.

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April 1, 2015

Washington Tourism: Deception Falls

In this installment of the Washington Tourism series, travel east and down the scenic Stevens Pass Highway (SR 2). Not sure where to start? Not a problem. From Everett take the SR 2 exit towards Monroe and keep driving through Sultan and Gold Bar. Keep driving past Skykomish, or stop to take in their sites, to Deception Falls.

Not to be confused with the Deception Pass, Deception Falls is a State Park right off the northside of SR2 and features walking trails, a walking bridge, which can be seen in the video, and is a fantastic place to take pictures and video.

Get out this year and enjoy this well kept secret.

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March 25, 2015

Home Selling Guide: How to Sell a House in 2015

Have you been thinking, considering, or kicking around the idea of selling a Snohomish County house, home, or investment property in 2015?

If so, then there are many things to consider; market conditions relative to specific local and neighborhood, how a city's real estate climate is trending, the volume of housing inventory, and even the velocity of the market place.

In addition to the housing climate, you'll want to consider how the home or property will be sold. Will a real estate broker be used or will it be sold for sale by owner? Both of the options have their own pros and cons.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to sell a house in 2015, what it will take to be competitive and what techniques can be used to gain exposure.

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Feb. 24, 2015

Washington Tourism: The North Cascades Highway

Ever thought about taking a road to Winthrop or Pearrygin Lake? It is highly recommended and is one of the most scenic drives in all of Washington. The journey starts at I-5 and SR 20. Take SR 20 east through Sedro Woolley, Concrete, and Marblemount to the high altitude destination of the North Cascades Highway.

The North Cascade Highway takes its travelers through two very unique views, Diablo Lake with its turquoise waters and South Early Winter Spire with its towering peaks at the Washington Pass Overlook. Both can be seen in the video below.

Take a look and see what the Spring and Summer months could bring (note that the highway is closed in the Winter).

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Feb. 19, 2015

Washington Tourism: Discover Deception Pass with a Drone

Have you recently relocated to Washington State? Wondering what's there to do in a State known for clouds and grey skies, rain, drizzle, and rocky beaches?

Then read up on recreational activities in Washington State and stay tuned for more in this series in this recreation series. I'm of the opinion, that living in the Pacific Northwest takes a "whole bunch" of getting outside, even when the weather isn't cooperating.

In the video below, you'll get a unique look at one of Washington's most visited attractions, Deception Pass State Park. Even with cloudy weather during the flight, Deception Pass offers remarkable views: the Cascades, from Mt. Baker to Mount Rainer, Deception Island, Strawberry Island, Ben Ure Island, Macs Cove and Miller Bay.

Visiting the Park is a must-do if you're just arriving to the State just be aware that nearly 2 million people visit the area annually. Enjoy!

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Feb. 18, 2015

What is a Home Inspection & Home Inspection Contingency?

What is a home inspection? Sounds intuitive enough, an inspection of a home. Right?

For the most part, yes. However, there is much more to a home inspection that just looking at a home.

Here in western Washington, we real estate brokers are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, NWMLS or MLS for short. As part of our membership, we have access to State generated contracts and forms which we call a Purchase & Sale Agreements.

In these contracts, a buyer can add addenda to cover many things with the most common being the Inspection Addendum to Purchase and Sale Agreement. Otherwise known as a Home Inspection or a Home Inspection Contingency. A buyer has to request the right to conduct one upfront in the Purchase & Sale.

That is where the home inspection addendum comes into play but more on that later.

The home inspection addendum allows a buyer(s) to hire independent party, a licensed and bonded home inspector, to assess the home's condition for informational purposes. A typical home inspection includes, but isn't limited too, a look at the home's systems and fixtures, electrical and circuit panels, plumbing, attic and crawl space, siding, and the roof.

It is also advised to attend the home inspection as to get first hand experience, hear information relating to the home's condition directly from the expert, and ask questions during the process. Home inspectors like to be a resource, just like us real estate agents, to their clients.

Most home inspectors these days provide a deliverable to the home buyer. The deliverable comes in report form that includes the inspector's notes, pictures and other pertinent information related to the home's inspection.

How Much Do Home Inspections Cost?

The inspection is a buyer expense and typically costs about $400 - cost is usually dictated by a home's square footage.

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Feb. 12, 2015

In Review: Snohomish County's 2014 Home Builders Report

It seems just like yesterday that we were getting into the swing of things. 2014 was rolling along and homes were being sold but as quickly as the year started, it abruptly ended. Now, we're looking back and reviewing what the 2014 housing market looked like and more specifically, the Snohomish County's 2014 New Construction and Builder segment.

Since housing inventory remained low and home values steadily increased, 2014 yielded good news for builders with new construction homes sales filling the equity sellers void. New homes sales kept the housing market moving which helped the new construction / builder segment to prosper.

The charts below cover lot sales, lot sales by volume, top lot sales per city, top buyer and sellers of lots, top 10 new construction builders, and top 10 cities for new construction home sales. We are curious to hear your thoughts on Snohomish County's new construction segment. Share in the comments in the comments below.

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Jan. 5, 2015

Homebuyers Guide: How to Buy a House in 2015

The New Year marks a time for goal setting, resolutions (I'm having problems keeping mine), and deciding to make positive changes for the New Year.  Commons ones like losing weight, stop smoking, career changes, going back to school, buying a new car, and even buying a house seem to pop year-in and year-out. In this blog post, How to Buy a House in 2015, we'll dive into the process, the players involved, housing inventory, and how to make it a successful venture.

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