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Feb. 12, 2018

What are Quick Home Search Links?

What are quick home search links and how are they used to find homes? For a bit of background, our website is designed to show case properties in the area we serve.

The Home page,, is about Snohomish County as a whole and additional pages have been created for each of the County's cities and town.

If you're looking in Bothell, Mill Creek, Snohomish, Stanwood, and/or other cities/towns then just place the desired city's name at the end of the domain. Here you'll find the City Page.


For this email, we'll keep looking at Marysville and see what Quick Links are available and how they make property searching simple.

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Feb. 6, 2018

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals

The Best Real Estate Deals

Interested in learning how to find the best real estate deals when housing is scarce? Then continue on.

Housing inventory continues to decline in Snohomish County and if trends stay consistent then competition from other buyers might be twice as fierce this spring/summer.

So, how are buyers going to find the best real estate deals?

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Jan. 22, 2018

Is it a Good Time to Sell a Home in Snohomish County?

Is it a good time to sell a home in Snohomish County? Yes. It is a great time to sell properties in Snohomish County and that is not just a advertising ploy. Year over year, Snohomish County continues to experience extremely low inventory levels during the winter months and into early spring.

Being that we're well into 2018, lets visit residential inventory levels, over the last four years, to see when the ideal time to list a property is in its given city.

*Statistics are pulled from the Northwest MLS and look at just Residential properties.

Housing Inventory for Snohomish County

As of December 2017 there were 8,389 active properties listed for sale. Nearly half of January 2013's inventory of 16,419 properties and the least amount of properties for sale in the last 4 years.

active housing inventory for snohomish county wa

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Jan. 2, 2018

Rental Rehab in Lake Stevens (Videos)

Back in October 2017, we obtained access to our Lake Stevens rental after a 12-year occupying tenant vacated.

The home has gone through a major transformation from then. Briefly, the home has seen flooring removal, kitchen removal, some drywall removal/replacement, dump runs, drywall fixing, texture, PVA, and paint primer. Hit play and watch the progress with the latest video being the first up.

There are still more to come so please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos, comment with any questions, or share your thoughts with us. Enjoy and happy investing.

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Oct. 3, 2017

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Simple Way to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit score is an integral part of qualifying for a home loan and typically the most critical. So, here are 10 simple ways to improve your credit over the next 6 months.

But before getting into the the 10 ways, let's look at factors that impact a credit score. According to the Experian app.:

  • Payment History: 35% of your FICO score is based on payment history.
  • Types of Credit Used: 10% of your FICO Score is based on the different types of credit you have.
  • Pursuit of New Credit: 10% of your FICO Score is based on recent inquiries and recently opened accounts.
  • Length of Credit: 15% of your FICO Score is based on how long you've had your credit.
  • Outstanding Debt: 30% of your FICO Score is based on your outstanding debt.

Over the years, I've spoken with many folks who think their credit is in such dire shape that there is little hope of fixing it. Since they think there's no hope, they usually do nothing and the credit problem persists. However, it is very important to know that there is hope, credit can be fixed, and it won't take the rest of your life to do.

These recommendations are not something dreamed up, these are strategies to improve your credit score.

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Aug. 30, 2017

What are Road Maintenance Agreements?

A road maintenance agreement is usually a good thing to have in place if you share a common access with one or more properties. Sometimes the only access to some properties is on a private easement road from a public right of way; this means that the responsibility of the road maintenance falls on the people who have the right to use the road.

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July 13, 2017

2 Videos of our Arlington 5 Bedroom for Sale

5 bedrooms homes are challenging to come by and we've just listed a move-in ready Eagle Heights home this week. The below videos are a drone video paired with still images and a 360 video that takes you from room-to-room. Remember to pan the screen or rotate to see the entire view.

Property Page:

More about Eagle Heights

Eagle Heights is a DB Johnson & Cornerstone Homes neighborhood built in 2004 (Phase I) and 2012 (Phase II) located on the northside of 172nd and near SR 9. The neighborhood is well kept, maintained, and pleasing to drive into and live in due to spacious sidewalks and multiple parks and picnic areas.

Drone Video


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June 22, 2017

A Great Day at Drone-Stravaganza

On June 17th & 18th, the Museum of Flight invited us to their 2017 Drone-stravaganza to share knowledge and our business's use of drones within the real estate industry. It was a great honor to be invited by a respected local organization, meet and talk with all the wonderful folks who stopped by our table to ask questions, check out the Phantom and GoPro, watch our videos and to the enter the GoPro Giveaway.

If there are still remaining questions, please feel free to email Toby.

Here are our pictures taken from the event which turned out not to be many.

Real Estate at the Museum of Flight Drone-Stravaganza

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May 22, 2017

Snohomish County Foreclosure Update for 1st Half of 2017

The other day while talking with the team, we were discussing the continued low inventory levels and got focused on foreclosures. With lots of laughs, remembrance of heart ache and pain, and high inventory levels, its amazing how drastic the real estate climate, access to inventory, and negotiating leverage can swing.

In a follow up to the 2017 Foreclosure Guide, lets take a snapshot look at the first half of 2017.

Foreclosure Inventory by Month

In May 2017, there is less than one month of active foreclosures with a sharp decline starting in November 2016. Once what was a lucrative market for buyers and investors, is no longer.

Forclosure Inventory

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April 24, 2017

360° Video: 7114 Grove St Marysville, WA 98270

In another episode of 360 video tours we visit a two-story Marysville home located on Grove St.

The tour starts in the front yard and travels inward at 15s intervals so you'll have time to pan, tilt, or mouse the camera to see the entire home.

Official Property Listing: