Condo vs Single Family Home

When purchasing a home, there can be variety of choices based on location, lifestyle, budget, tastes, architecture, and employment just to name a few. The decision can seem monumental and overwhelming to some with "is it the right decision" looming in the background. This article will focus on condominiums and single family homes and which is better, or the right choice.

Snohomish County has long been considered a bedroom community of Seattle and its suburbs with single family homes being the most prominent. Only recently it seems that Bothell, Lynnwood, and Everett have increased expansion of condo communities since their downtowns have become more desirable with shopping and entertainment within walking distance. Where as single family homes, in those areas, are experiencing skyrocketing prices.

What are buyers to do when deciding on a living option that is best for them? This blog post takes aim on that dilemma to assist by weighing the Pros & Cons of both condos and single family homes.

*Condos and townhomes will be considered the same in this article.

Condo ProsCondo

  • Low Maintenance Living
  • More Affordable for Inner-City Living
  • Community Style Living
  • Easier Commute to Employment
  • Proximity to Shopping & Entertainment

Condo Cons

  • Shared Walls
  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Limited with Renovations
  • Monthly Dues
  • Shared/Limited Parking

Single Family ProsSingle Family

  • Privacy
  • Yard for Sitting, Pets, and Kids
  • Extra Parking
  • Homeowner is the Decision Maker
  • Unlimited Freedom for Renovations

Single Family Cons

  • Responsible for All Repairs
  • Possible HOA
  • Higher Purchase Price
  • Possible Longer Commute Times

Definitely, there can be more pros and cons for both owning a condominium and a single family home.

However, we must continue.

The decision can be area dependent because one home style might be more prevalent. Going back to the beginning, Snohomish County is a bedroom community and definitely favors one building style over another.

Over the last 30 days in Snohomish County, there have been 674 single family homes Sold in comparison to 141 condo/townhomes Sold - 478% more homes than condos. Researching the last 30 days of King County sales could look vastly different.

Financing Condos & Single Family Homes

Condos: May have stricter underwriting guidelines depending on special assessments, the health of the condo association, owner occupancy rates, etc. A condo mortgage payment could be identical to its more expensive single family counter part as condo dues are factored into payment by a lender.

Single Family: Depending on the homes condition, a property can easily meet the underwriting guidelines for multiple financing types. Some of these loan programs have little to no down-payment and increase in value at a faster rate.

Which is Better?

To answer the question are Condominium vs Single Family Home: Which is Better? is it all depends. When selecting a property type, its recommended to review all loan programs, what a particular program could mean for either a single family home or condo, and which property types meets more of your pros than cons.

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