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Oct. 8, 2015

Q & A: What Does it Mean when Selling a Propety "As-Is"?

QUESTION - I am starting to see several contracts where the agents are writing something like "buyer to purchase property as is" Snohomish County.  Please refresh me on the legal ramifications of this.

ANSWER - The provision means nothing and has no significance, used in this context.  If seller is attempting to create a situation where seller has no obligation to make repairs, then the statewide forms already create that outcome.  The boiler plate terms of the statewide purchase agreement do not obligate seller to make any repairs.  If buyer asks for repairs, seller has the freedom to decline, accept or counter buyer's request.  If seller wants to communicate to a buyer that seller does not intend to make repairs, seller can say that.  That statement cannot prevent buyer from asking for repairs ... which of course seller can then refuse.

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Oct. 1, 2015

Snohomish County Housing Statistics for August 2015

With the summer coming to definitive close, I was holding-on for a couple more hot days, and with today being October 1st, lets take a look back at the Snohomish County housing market for August 2015.

Specifically in this post we'll look at charts for:

  • Housing Inventory
  • Days on Market
  • Number of Units (Sold & Under Contract)
  • Median Home Prices

Months of Housing Inventory

Housing inventory shows early signs of stabilizing around 2 months of standing inventory, however; that is still well below a balanced market of 6 months.

Since August 2013, the housing inventory has decreased by a whopping 56% which pushes the balance even further into the seller's favor.Snohomish County Housing Inventory August 2015

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Sept. 28, 2015

Aerial Video: 133 Valdes Ct Camano Island, WA 98282

In this aerial drone episode, we travel to Camano Island (near the Country Club) to tour a custom built two-story home that defines Camano Island luxury properties. 

Distinctively designed with a grand entryway and Tiger Wood hardwood floors gracing the home, the main floor features the living area, formal dining room, kitchen, family and office. In the kitchen, you'll find a Sub-Zero refrigerator, double ovens, large granite slab center island and extensive counter and cabinet space along with French Doors to the outdoor cooking area, fireplace, and 1,500 sq.ft deck overlooking Cavalero Beach.

Journey upstairs, through the French doors, and into your own elegant master suite with views with luxurious master bathroom. In addition the master suite, the upstairs has 3 more bedrooms, a full bathroom and bonus room that's large enough for tables, chairs, and a pool table. 

Yet the drone doesn't fly indoors so you'll have to enjoy the views Cavalero Beach and the greater Port Susan area.

Official Property Website:

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Sept. 25, 2015

Q & A: Can I Have More than 1 VA Loan?

Being in the military, moving can be normal; however, it never becomes easier. Learning the local school districts, selecting and enrolling kids, getting familiar with various housing communities or nearby cities/towns, determining the best commuting path, and knowing where to buy groceries and convenience goods all make the process a bit more challenging.

Yet, when it comes to housing, the challenge can seem monumental. Snohomish County's naval base is Naval Station Everett and many sailors end up PCSing to the area and decide to grow some roots after years of deployment and station changes.

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Sept. 11, 2015

What is the Largest City in Snohomish County?

2015 Snohomish County Census Data

It may seem pretty self-explanatory to know what the largest city in Snohomish County is. Or, how Snohomish County cities compare to each other and where you might find subruban, rural, or urban living. Yet the census list may surprise.

Everett takes the top honors with 105,800 residents which is 31,000 more than its northern neightbor, Marysville. Everett also has the dintinguishing note of bening the 7th largest city in Washington State. 

Marysville takes 2nd with 64,140 residents which is 20,000 more residents than Edmonds.

Edmonds rounds out the top 3 with 40,490 residents.  

From this list, what surprises you regarding Snohomish County's census information? Did a ccit;s population come in under, at or over what you thought it would?

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Aug. 27, 2015

Snohomish County Housing Statistics for July 2015

In this blog post, its back to statistics. July 2015 shaped up to be a great month, for buyers and sellers alike. Mickie and I were very busy closing 7 transactions which totaled over $2.2m in real estate.

Below are charts for July 2015 in:

  • Months of Housing Inventory
  • Average Days on Market
  • Under Contract & Sold Properties
  • Average & Median Home Prices
  • 90 Day Perspective Report

Months of Housing Inventory

Housing inventory still remains low with July settling at 1.8 months. Being that inventory levels are still low, sellers are seeing the benefit of that limited supply.

Snohomish County housing inventory for July 2015

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Aug. 20, 2015

Live Digital Map of Every Wildfire in Washington State

Found on, the above live map shows every wildfire within Washington State and is complete with interactive YouTube and Flickr links.

As impressive as the wildfire map is, it is sad and eye opening realization to how many fires are effecting Washingtonians (and the rest of the Nation).

I for one am hoping for rain, lots and lots of rain.

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Aug. 17, 2015

Google's Project Sunroof Video

Solar power, more specially residential home solar systems, is an electric topic these days. Whether it be in the real estate industry or our personal circle, folks want to know more. Who isn't intrigued about producing their own energy and sending the unused energy back into the grid.

Without getting into specific solar goals (living off the grid, making money, being more environmentally friendly), there are very few resources available to research their own specific energy producing capabilities, without calling the experts to evaluate and analyze.

Google wants to change that with Project Sunroof. Here is the Introducing Project Sunroof video Google released today.

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July 21, 2015

Aerial Video: 7432 78th Dr NE Marysville, WA 98270

Since the housing market has been jammed into high gear, we've been busy compiling and editing real estate drone videos for sellers.

For this interior and exterior home tour, we travel to Marysville's Bayview Ridge. Situated on 78th, the street is located at the top of the hill, this home, as well as the others, enjoy breath taking views of the Puget Sound, Tulalip Bay, Whidbey Island, Hat Island, and back dropped by the Olympic Mountain Range.

Please take a few minutes and enjoy this video tour with scenic views, its professional landscaping, and meticulous maintenance.

Property Page:

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July 6, 2015

Aerial Video: 10130 10th PL SE Lake Stevens WA 98258

Getting tired for the same old tranquil music when seeing Snohomish County home tours? If so, then put on the brakes for this Crystal View (Lake Stevens) home. Setting the tone is the electric guitar yet the real star is this emasculate two story home. Take a few minutes to watch and you'll see why this home is hot-to-trot.

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