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April 22, 2019

How to Sell Your Home or Property in 2019

Have you been thinking, considering, or kicking around the idea of selling a Snohomish County home or investment property in 2019?

If so, then there are many things to consider; market conditions relative to specific local and neighborhood, how a city's real estate climate is trending, the volume of housing inventory, and even the velocity of the market place.

In addition to the housing climate, you'll want to consider how the home or property will be sold. Will a real estate broker be used or will it be sold for sale by owner? Both of the options have their own pros and cons.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to sell a house in 2019, what it will take to be competitive and what techniques can be used to gain exposure.

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April 4, 2019

Are Sellers willing to Contribute towards Buyer’s Closing Costs in 2019?

are sellers paying closing costs

To create some context and set the tone of where the article title stems from its important to revisit two items: the Residential Purchase & Sale's Financing Addendum and the Great Recession.

Let us begin with the Purchase & Sale contract's Financing Addendum.

Within a buyer’s Financing Addendum (Form 22A) there's a paragraph allowing a buyer tthe option to request the seller to contribute money (a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of the purchase price) towards buyer’s closing costs.

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March 26, 2019

Purchase and New Home this Spring or Summer

With western Washington heating up, the warm Sun making its long awaited debut, and the spring housing market seeing new homes listed daily, now is the time to start planning that new home purchase and be ahead of the 2019/2020 school year. Let us help you through the purchasing process and make it an enjoyable experience.

Also, we represent folks wanting to sell their home or property. Visit the seller page and see the list of available seller services.

Feb. 21, 2019

Plan your Home Sale with a Seller Checklist

Home Selling Checklist

If you're wanting to sell a property in 2019 but you're unsure where to start? Then take a quick read at this short Planning to Sell: A Homeowner's Checklist to Prepare Your Home guide to get started.

Unlike the Home Selling Checklist previously published, this Planning to Sell checklist covers simple 10 tips that any homeowner can do to prepare their house for pictures & video marketing, listing, and upcoming showings.

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Jan. 30, 2019

Start 2019 by Improving Personal Finances

Start 2019 by Improving Your Personal Finances

With the new year comes the Holiday Financial Hangover. Bank accounts are depleted, credit cards have increased balances and everyone is feeling the pinch. That is why this newsletter will focus on financial tools to manage expenses and budget, ways to improve your credit score, how to save or put that tax return to sound financial use, myths regarding homes loans so you can plan to purchase that 1st home, move-up home, or investment property, and how to make current savings work for you.

Let's get started.

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Jan. 14, 2019

Top Misconceptions about Qualifying for a Home Loan

Top Misconceptions about Qualifying for a Home Loan

There are many misconceptions buyers, particularly first-time buyers, have when they're looking into mortgages. The process of applying for a mortgage can feel daunting, but don't allow concerns of tighter lending requirements keeps you from pursuing homeownership. Remember, if you have any questions regarding your situation, please give us a call; we're happy to discuss your options with you.

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Jan. 8, 2019

The Residential Purchase & Sale Agreement

The Washington State Residential Purchase and Sale is the real estate contract we at the Barnett Associates Team uses to help sellers and buyers negotiate the transfer of real property.

What is included in the Residential Purchase and Sale?

  • Contract Dates
  • Buyer(s) and Seller(s) full legal names
  • How Buyer(s) intend to take title
  • Property Address & Legal Description
  • Purchase Price
  • Earnest Money
  • Possession
  • Title & Escrow Companies
  • Additional Addenda
  • Signatures
  • Agent & Brokerage Names
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Nov. 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from all of Us!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're very thankful for all of you who continue to show support, like our posts, engage with us online and offline, and allow us to help you in your endeavors.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and happiness, joy and laughter, and a table full of food and drinks.

And of course, Football ... ok ... maybe the Macy's Day Parade. :)


Barnett Associates Team


While relaxing on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend, take a few moments to search for a new home or property. Or, just window shop at your leisure as we love people using our website - SEARCH HERE.

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Oct. 30, 2018

Will the Market Place Favor Buyers in 2019?

There is no doubt that a real estate shift is happening and the once fiery hot real estate market of 2018 is starting to cool. So what has changed?

Did local economics and job security change?

Were home prices increasing to quickly?

Did the financial markets impact buying power?

Before answering the question Will the Market Place Favor Buyers in 2019? let's look at a few key indicators.

  • Active Months of Inventory
  • Median Sales Price
  • Pending Sales Volume

Active Months of Inventory

To few available homes for sale gives sellers the advantage and to many homes available transfer advantage to the buyers. Since March 2018, housing inventory has skyrocketed.

Active Months of Housing Inventory

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Oct. 29, 2018

Don't Forget to Change the Furnace Filter

We are pleased to announce the first of two new series coming to social media and the monthly newsletters, Home Maintenance Minute. As active listing and selling brokers and having attended 100's of home inspections, we have a vast knowledge of what home inspectors and appraisers look for and "call out" and we want to share that knowledge with you.

In Episode 1, we cover a residential home furnace filter, reasons to change it, and how the filter can influence home inspections. If you remember, this year Snohomish County experienced the worst smoke from west coast's and Canadian wildfires.

Tune into this short video and see for yourself and thanks for watching!!