Professional Photography in Marysville Wa

When selling a home how important is professional photography? In one word. VERY.

Real estate advertising has changed so much in the last 20 years. From monthly property books with single photos and weekly print ads to low resolution photos that were limited to just a handful of pictures. Now, there are thousands of real estate websites with property data at your fingertips and high definition photos and videos for nearly every home.

Not including, homes have to compete for attention with ads, family photos, and selfies on social sharing website. It is no wonder why real estate brokers put so much time, energy, and money into making homes standout among the noise.

What is NOT Professional Photography?

A cell phone. Cell phone pictures are not a professional image regardless of what the camera ads say and the pixel rating. If a real estate broker takes out their cell phone to photo a home then immediately send them packing. Why? Because homes deserve better! That's why.

In addition, artistic photos that focus on faucets or kettles while blurring the back ground are not professional real estate photos. People are buying homes and not the fixtures in them though nice fixtures do help the over style and appeal of the home.

What IS Professional Photography?

Photographers will dispute brands, settings, and lighting to sun comes up; however, for real estate purposes its a bit different though camera settings and lighting are critical. Professional real estate photos need to capture a room's warmth, balance the natural and artificial light, frames a room's flow and character while focusing on the home's floorplan.

Not to over step my expertise as a REALTOR to a professional photographer, I dislike vertical pictures when selling homes. Why? Vertical pictures look terrible in video. When buying a TV, you wouldn't buy a TV that sat up vertically. No. You'd buy the widescreen. That is the same with vertical pictures in video - stop taking vertical video as well - since the screen isn't filled with an image. Just black, wasted space.

Here, at the Barnett Associates Team, we put time and effort into every home we sell to make sure it is showcased in the manner it deserves. Want to learn more about our work? Visit our YouTube channel and Facebook page to see how we do it better than other agents and teams.