When choosing and purchasing a home, items and time sensitive tasks are common and usually continue all the way till closing. Some of these items are scheduling showing appointments and showing homes, learning neighborhoods and areas, writing and submitting offers, negotiating contract terms, conducting home and septic inspections, and loan applications and appraisals.

In the later home buying stages, whether the home be new construction or a resale, a buyer may have the opportunity to conduct a walk-through.

Walk-throughs are done for many reasons and the more common are: confirm inspection items have been completed, learn how the home's systems and fixtures function, measure for furniture, and/or to take a final look a the home before closing since people tend to be excited.

Below, are the two most common walk-throughs in Snohomish County.

New Construction Walk-Throughs

Also known as a "builder walk-though", this walk-through is part of the builder's closing process and where the builder's representative, the buyer, and the selling agent walk through the home. During this time, the buyer learns about the systems and fixtures installed and its also when buyers can request items to be fixed or corrected. When purchasing new construction it is very important to attend this step.

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Prior to Closing Walk-Throughs

The "prior to closing walk-though" is conducted a few days before property transfers ownership. The buyer and selling agent take time to visit the property, make sure everything is in order, verify if all the home inspection requests have been completed, the home is being left in the same condition as when the purchase and sale contract was signed by all parties, and/or measure for furniture and review color swatches.

What is the Purpose of a Walk-Through?

In both scenarios presented, new construction and resale, a walk through is a good idea because a home's condition could change from when the offer was first accepted.

One example: We were selling a bank owned Lake Stevens townhome and upon closing, vandals had broken the back door. After immediately alerting all parties, the seller agreed that more than likely the vandalism happened during their ownership and graciously fixed it. That doesn't always happen.

In a new construction home, maybe the homes settles and the doors or windows require adjustment, or cabinets are not quiet level, or some flooring is damaged. Whatever the case, this gives the builder time to remedy the buyer's concerns prior to closing as most builders do have pride in the product they build.

With a resale, the prior to closing walk-through can be used to verify all the home inspection requests have been completed. If all the requests haven't been completed, the selling agent will have time to addressed the incomplete items with the listing agent and get them completed before closing.


Always conduct a walk-through prior to closing as it can save so much post closing frustration. You'll want to enjoy your home, move in, and start living the life you've always wanted, not spend time on avoidable items.