Privacy Policies and Data Protection

Privacy Policies and Data Protection are some of the highest concerns for internet users. With so many websites out there, especially real estate and home search sites, it is imperative that users know who they're working with and how their information is used and kept confidential.

It is our belief that information provided to us has been provided in good faith and should be kept confidential. Why? By default, website users feel their information is entrusted to the site owner and there is a sense of responsibility that stems from inherent trust.

How is Personal Information Collected?

  1. A user creates a home search account
  2. A user provides details to sell their home
  3. A user comments on the blog
  4. A user registers on one of our other websites

What is done with Collected/Provided Information?

  1. Kept Safe
  2. Kept Confidential
  3. Never Sold
  4. Never Made Public

These core principals is what we live by.

The Team's Monthly Newsletter

By signing up for an account, providing details to sell your home, or commenting on the blog, a user automatically agrees that their name and email can be uploaded to the Team's newsletter. The newsletter is powered by MailChimp, a third party service.

If there are any questions or you would like more information regarding the data policy email the Team at or complete the form below.

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