Snohomish County is experiencing a real estate climate reminiscent of the hay-days of 2005-2007 and for a seller its one of the single greatest times to list a property. Inventory is low and demand is still steady yet what are the actual statistics with:

  • Housing Inventory
  • Days on Market
  • Most Competitive Price Points
  • Median Prices for Main Cities/Towns

Months of Available Housing Inventory

Inventory is scare and the last two months are the lowest inventory levels in history at 1 Month. So if you're feeling there is nothing available, you're right.

Months of Available Housing Inventory Snohomish County 2016

Average Days on Market

The average Days on Market to sell a Snohomish County home has decreased to 24 days. News outlets like to say homes are selling in hours, which is true in some cases, yet not all homes sell that fast. Also, homes that are more difficult to sell due to condition, location, or high listing price factor into the average days on market.

Average Days on Market for Snohomish County April 2016

Median & Average Home Prices

Looking at the top six cities across Snohomish County, the Median Home Price is up 4.2% when comparing Apr. 16 to Apr. 15 and 9.8% when comparing Y-T-D for 2016. The Average Home Price is up 6.6% when comparing Apr. 16 to Apr. 15 and 8.2% when comparing Y-T-D for 2016

Median Prices April 2016

  • Bothell: $522,000
  • Lynnwood: $429,800
  • Everett: $386,750
  • Snohomish: $359,500
  • Lake Stevens: $310,000
  • Marysville: $299,250

Average Home Prices

  • Bothell: $553,352
  • Lynnwood: $467,967
  • Everett: $417,238
  • Snohomish: $385,897
  • Lake Stevens: $329,747
  • Marysville: $314,316

90 Day Perspective Report

Looking at the 90 combined report, only 4 pricing segments sold consistently over list price:

  • $10,000 - $120,000
  • $200,000 - $250,000
  • $250,000 - $300,000
  • $900,000 - $1,000,000

Even though there are reports of homes selling for far more than list price, its not common enough to skew the 90 day numbers.

90 Day Real Estate Perspective Report for Snohomish County

In Conclusion

If moving buying a home is in your near future then be prepared to compete; however, don't be so willing to dramatically over pay. On the other side, if selling a home is in the plan, then there has been no better time to get top dollar.