When moving to a new city or just looking for an in-town activity. it isn’t always easy to find. So here are 10 affordable activities to do in Everett Washington.

10 Must Things to do in Everett

  1. Take Advantage of a Whale Watching Tour: On Everett’s waterfront, Island Adventures offers Grey Whale watching tours and even offers a guarantee on every siting. I have a short video posted online of a Grey Whale in Everett.
  2. Take a Tour of the USS Nimitz: When the USS Nimitz, and/or other of the many Naval ships are in port, call Leisure Services/Information, Tickets and Tours’ at 425-304-3167. Being on the ships is definitely awe inspiring and a way to see how our sailors experience day to day ship life. Here is a link to my tour.
  3. Take a Tour of The Boeing Company: The Boeing Company offers tours of their buildings, the largest on Earth, and jets at their Everett plant – which is home to the 787 Dreamliner – that shares the wonder of Everett’s flying heritage.
  4. Watch the Sunrise from East Marine View Drive: Stop off East Marine View Drive, near the on ramp to northbound 529, and watch the Sun rise over the Cascade Mountains, the SR 2 corridor, and the Snohomish Valley.
  5. Watch the Sunset from Marine View Drive: Make it long day and drive over to West Marine View Drive too watch the sun dip behind Whidbey Island from one of the viewing areas or from a dinner table at Anthony’s Home Port.
  6. Watch a Play/Show at the Historic Everett Theatre: Providing an array of different shows, the Historic Everett Theatre will impress with its great atmosphere – I’ll be going in November for the Warren Miller show.
  7. Digest a Sandwich at Barney’s Pastrami: Having a sandwich at Barney’s Pastrami brings another level to sandwich goodness that would make Adam Richman proud.
  8. Watch an Everett Aqua Sox’s Game: An American pastime, the ballpark, that you can bring closer to home with a trip to watch an Everett AquaSox’s game.
  9. Watch an Everett Silver Tips Game: Take to the ice at Comcast Arena for an Everett Silver Tips and have a breakaway good time in the cheap seats over a cold beer and hot dog.
  10. Watch the kite surfers at Jetty Island: Costing a small amount, by donation, for reservations aboard the Jetty Island Ferry, just pack a lunch and sit back and watch the extreme sport of kite surfing – or sign up for lessons for a more intense experience.

There is so Much to do in Everett the list could go on and on. So, what would you recommend to others?