Are you frustrated by real estate portals and home searches that just don't work? Or, real estate search websites that advertise homes only to find out they're sold or not longer available? So are we. We've been frustrated for sometime yet even folks we know tend to use those other websites.

Good thing is there is a solution.

This may seem like a intro just to direct folks to our website, which we won't deny, yet it is more important to have accuracy paired with timeliness when searching for a home.

When buying a home, it is important to know:

  • The status of a individual property.
  • The active available inventory.
  • How to minimize time searching and,
  • Maximize property searches.

1. Create an Account with

Click "Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner of the website and fill in your name, email, and phone to instantly register.

Sign Up at

Being real estate agents, we'll follow up see if we can assist or answer questions yet we will not bombard you with solicitations. We don't like that when registering on other websites so we don't do it.

2. Set Up a Saved Search

Click the Search Homes or Search Foreclosures from the navigation menu or use the quick Real Estate Search form on the home page.

Setting Up a Property Search

After the results render, and you're happy with the search, click the "Save this Search" underneath the "Property List" tab.

Saving a Real Estate Search

3. Editing a Saved Search

Not happy or would like to modify the saved search? Click the "Saved Search" link in upper right hand corner.

Editing a Saved Search

Click the "Edit" link within the specific saved search.

Edit a Saved Search

Change County, City, Neighborhood, price, property type size and more in seconds then click "Save Changes".

Saving Search Changes

4. Set Email Frequency

Email frequency is a feature I've received a lot of feedback about and usually its to many emails. If you find the frequency to high just adjust it to the desired preference: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Never.

Never is handy for a Sold Search and for watching a specific area or around a specific property - think of it as a public's version of a Comparative Market Analysis.

changing email frequency

5. Create Multiple Saved Searches

No need to get locked into one single search, have as many as you like as user accounts are not bound by a specific number. Create search by:

  • City
  • Neighborhood
  • Bed & Bath
  • Style Code
  • Waterfront
  • Lot Size
  • School District
  • Foreclosure
  • Short Sale

Here are some examples.

Create Multiple Saved Search

One of the most missed fields when setting a specific search is Waterfront. Waterfront has it own field and it includes river, lake, sound, and creek frontage.

Waterfront Property Search

6. Renaming a Search

The search name not descriptive enough? Rename it to something more meaningful which can easily tell what can be found in that search.

Renaming a Property Search

An example of names searches are:

  • City + Home Style
  • City + Foreclosure
  • City + Waterfront
  • City + Home Style + Waterfront

However, name them in forms that work for you and click save.

Naming a Saved Search

7. Adding Properties to Favorites

Now that you're a savvy searcher, its time to mark homes as "Favorites". Why mark Favorites? To keep an running list of the exact properties you love.

On every search results page or property specific page there is a heart icon with "Add to Favorites".

Adding a Property to Favorites

To view favorites, click the Favorites link at the upper right of the page.

Viewing Favorite Properties

All the Favorites appear under the Favorites tab and properties can be removed by clicking the red X, more information can be requested, a showing can be scheduled, and even show if the price has been decrease or increased.

Viewing Favorite Properties

8. Search by Map

Don't know the neighborhood or city names yet know the general area you want to buy in? Then use the map search to create a search for a specific neighborhood.

Click Search Homes then click Map Search.

Snohomish County Map Search 01

Then search the map by zooming into areas or clicking on homes.

Snohomish County Map Search 02

9. Access Pre-Built Quick Searches

On the home page as well as the individual city and neighborhood pages, there are quick search links. These links break down neighbors, home style, price and lot size. Here is an example of Edmonds.

Edmonds Quick Home Search

10. Inquire More About a Property

On every property page there are two links which to receive more information: Request Information at the top of the property details and Contact Us just below the property images.

In the comment box, just don't forget to be specific on what type of info you're looking for. We receive many information requests asking for "would like more information on this property" and we cannot tell what folks are looking to receive.

Inquiring on a Snohomish County Property


11. Adjust Searches Added Needed

As your search progresses or needs change, don't forget to go edit, adjust, change or modify saved searches to meet your needs and demands. This helps save time and only improves your online shopping experience.

Hope that improves your home and property search for 2016 and if there are questions please drop a note in the comment box.

Happy Home Hunting!