Being known for little-more than the The Boeing Company, Snohomish County has grown so much over the last 30 years. People are now talking about the bustling economy, widespread employment opportunities, and a robust housing market.

This growth has helped to shape local communities and has extended out to the smaller towns. The downside of this growth and strong economy is traffic.

Traffic used to start in Lynnwood and travel south into Seattle for the morning commute and reverse in the evenings. Now, that traffic extends all the way to Smokey Point. This article isn't a tirade into the County's traffic increase though it easily could be. However, with all the growth, were are all these people moving from?

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In a recent MSN Real Estate article 691,145 Californians left last year: What state did they go to? shows Washington State ranked 3rd for California's outward migration flow with 55,467 people entering the State.

Now this is not a scientific analysis yet I have 3 gut feelings on why.

  1. Washington's employment opportunities and overall strong economy.
  2. California's wildfire season is worsening year after year.
  3. Washington's Housing prices are more affordable in comparison to California's

As the end of 2019 approaches, it will be curious to see if California's outward migration flow held steady or increased. And, if Washington State was a top destination for their relocation.

Interactive Map showing where Californians moved to Last Year.