Are you curious how your Snohomish County property tax dollars are allocated between schools, roads, and hospitals? if so, here is a graphic that contains property tax information with actual numbers, and headlines, that are important to Snohomish County property owners for 2022.

Snohomish County Property Taxes 2022

Title: Billions of Dollars in Property Taxes – Where Exactly is Your Money Going?

It’s no secret Snohomish County property taxes have increased significantly in recent years. In 2022, these taxes totaled an all time high of $1.583 billion. While a lot of residents don’t know where to look to find these stats, the county lists a breakdown of numbers from previous yeas directly the county assessor website. Unsurprisingly, most of the money collect through property taxes are funding school districts and state schools. Over 63% - or 1 billion. Levies have something to do with these high numbers. A levy is a short-term, local property tax passed by the voters of a school district that generates revenue for the district to fund programs and services that the state does not fund. With two more passing just at the start of the year, these percentages aren’t budging anytime soon.

Title: Homeowner’s Bearing Burden of Rising Property Taxes

Snohomish County mailed out annual property tax statements in mid-February with estimated property values increasing 12% which equates to approximately $1,700 a year increase.

Title: Report Pot Holes: Only 4% of Your Property Taxes Applies to Roads

To locate the appropriate website for pot hole reporting just Google the following phrases “reporting potholes in [city name, state]” or “reporting potholes in Snohomish County”.

Quick Links to Pot Hole Reporting

Title: Snohomish County Raises Sales Tax .001% on April 1st to Combat Housing Crisis

Snohomish County’s plan to combat the housing crisis could yield an annual $23 million in additional county funds. Where homelessness is an expansive problem throughout the county, residents don’t support just throwing more money at the problem during uncertain times.