Traveling east on Highway 20, to the north Okanogan, and then north on County Road 9495 (Toroda Creek Rd) you will find the remains of Bodie. Established in the early 1900s, Bodie was a small mill town that processed ore that was taken from the surrounding mountains. Like the many of the ghost towns in Washington Bodie prospered until around the 1930s when Perkins Milling Company closed its doors.With almost all of the residents working at the mill when it closed its doors it left nothing for the residents. A few town buildings remain along both sides of the road: the old town including a store, cabin and a farm. Bodie is accessible all year but the best time to visit would be spring, summer and early fall as the weather can get pretty cold and the roads can become really slick in the snow during the winter months.

Bodie: Pictures