Property deeds are the legal means by which real property transferred from owner to owner in Snohomish County. If you have purchased or sold a home then you've probably seen a 'legal description' or a 'statutory warranty deed' when writing and organizing a purchase and sale agreement or as apart of the closing documents. Deeds are an important and imperative part of the real estate contract yet what types of deeds transfer real property?

  • Statutory Warranty Deed
  • Quick Claim Deed
  • Special Warranty Deed
  • Personal Representatives Deed
  • Bargain and Sale Deed
  • Sheriff's Deed
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Trustee's Deed
  • Fulfillment Deed

Statutory Warranty Deed

A Statutory Warranty Deed is a warranty in a form proscribed by Washington statue which conveys fee simple title to real property and contains warranties that the seller was the owner of the title, had the power to convey the property, that the title was free of all encumbrances (except as set forth), and would warrant and defend the title as conveyed to the grantee against lawful claims against it by anyone.

Quick Claim Deed

Quick Claim Deed in Washington, the statutory form of quit claim deed conveys whatever right, title, or interest the grantor has in the real property to the grantee, without any warranty of title. Unless the deed expressly states, it does no convey any title the grantor may acquire in the property after the quit claim deed is recorded.

Special Warranty Deed

A deed conveying title to real property in which the grantor warrants and promises to defend the title only against claims and defects arising from the grantor's ownership (and those parties claiming by and through the grantor).

Personal Representatives Deed

A deed distributing the estate of a deceased individual in a accordance with the resolutions of legal proceedings on their affairs.

Bargain and Sale Deed

Bargain and Sale Deed in Washington, the statutory form of bargain and sale deed conveys a fee simple title to real property

Sheriff's Deed

A deed conveying title to real property following a judicial foreclosure process known as a sheriff's sale.

Deed in Lieu

A deed executed by an owner/borrower to a lender conveying the property 'in lieu of' (instead of) a foreclosure of the lender's mortgage or deed of trust against the property. The grantor voluntarily deeds the property subject to the loan in exchange for a release of financial obligations under the loan.

Trustee's Deed

A deed issued by the trustee of a deed to trust following the non-judicial foreclosure of a deed of trust.

Fulfillment Deed

A deed issued in compliance with and in fulfillment of the terms of a real estate contract.