Often overlooked when first thinking of home renovation, window blinds are an integral part of many home makeovers. Far from just being just another ‘thing’ in the window, blinds offer unique solutions to many household problems that other window hangings simply can’t. Here are some blind recommendations for green renovations, child proof homes, light sleeping families and design savvy DIYers.

Blinds do more these days than just look fabulous; they can get rid of some of your biggest headaches. But every household has different needs. Parents of young children need safety, young couples crave style, the eco conscious want low impact options and some people just want a good night’s sleep. What if you found out blinds could provide you with all these things?

Child Safety

Parents are constantly trying to make their houses safer by baby proofing everything in sight. Gates and rounded edges go a long way but even still 25 children have been strangled to death by blind cords since 1999. If you find yourself in the position of updating your home but have small children then consider cordless blinds. These are also known as child safety blinds because they lack the noose-like string that’s used to raise and lower traditional window blinds. Aside from looking better- most will agree those cords were not aesthetically pleasing- the loss of the cord makes them safer. No more danger, just great window coverings that operate with a simple push up or pull down.


The blinds of the past left much to be desired. The vinyl material was thick, bland and looked much worse than whatever it was blocking. But now instead of looking outside you can keep the shades shut because you will like the look of your new blinds so much. Rich woods and delicate bamboo can cover your window with exotic style. Cell shades can gently filter the sun, allowing ambient lighting with a cool and modern feel. And if you like the view from your window you don’t even have to cover it; cut the glare with some solar shades and keep that million dollar view coming. Blinds are not just for grandma anymore, they’re versatile, chic, colored for any palette, and fresh.

Eco Conscious

Going green has never been so hot. Speaking of which, insulating blinds can help regulate the temperature in your house to make sure you don’t burn up. The special double cell design creates an air pocket which stops cold air from entering into your household in winter and hot air from entering in summer. You want windows to let in natural light rather than rely on electricity. With these blinds you still get ambient light filtering through but you save yourself the drain of losing heat through your windows. And yes, even though they are ‘green’ they come in lots of colors.

Light Sleepers

Do you know any shift workers? They work night shifts all the time and have to sleep during the day. The result of these odd hours used to be that they would get fitful and restless sleep due to the light in the room. Blackout blinds have changed all that. These special blinds completely stop light from penetrating them and make a room pitch black. Although not ideal for family rooms, these are gems in bedrooms, especially if you live on a brightly lit street, or like many people, need to sleep during the day. If anything will help you sleep it is blinds like these, some of which are endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. Rest assured these blinds are perfect for media rooms too.

So there are a couple of good reasons why window blinds should be an integral part of your home renovation plans. Safe, stylish, eco friendly and comforting, blinds are enjoying a rebirth. There are thousands of styles, even more colors and certainly an option that will suit you when you shop for blinds online.

Author – Chris Savage enjoys writing about interior design and currently works for an e-commerce company in the home decor industry.