As summer quickly slips away from us Washingtonians it is time to start thinking energy savings. With 9 months of rain, snow, freezing temperatures and more rain, overall household energy cost will be on the rise. Previously, 3 money saving energy tips where discussed, (lighting, faucets and idle electronics) but that was just a shortlist of energy saving tips.

Free Ways to Save Money

Dress Warmly: As temperatures start to decrease saving money is as adding an extra blanket on the bed, where warm pajamas around the house and have a throw blanket on the couch. If you can stand to lower the temperature just 2 degrees, holding a constant 68, 69 degrees, a lot of money can be saved through the colder months.

Hot Water Heater: Nearly 15% of a home’s heating costs are due allocated to heating water so turn down the temperature on the hot water heater to 130 or 125 degrees. If there is no temperature gauge or you may think it is inaccurate use a thermometer to check the temperature and adjust accordingly.

Low Cost Ways to Save Money

Heating Filters: Check the furnace’s air filter quality and replace if it is dirty. A dirty filter blocks air that could be used to heat the home and can shorten the life of the furnace.

Water Saving Faucets: Install low flow shower heads in the showers. Most homes have two showers with 4 people, on average, taking 1 shower per day. That translates into gallons of water per day and don’t forgot all that water needs to be heated.

Costs Money to Save Money

Adding Insulation: The main areas to check in the home are the attic, to walls, floors, basements and crawl spaces. First you will want to check is the current condition and levels of the insulation to see if it meets base standards. If levels are low or there is no insulation in place simply adding it can save 30% on yearly energy costs.

Upgrade Home Windows: Cool air leaking into the home can dramatically increase monthly heating costs. Gas filled doubled pained windows can reduce heat loss 25-50% according to

These 6 items can do more than just save money; they improve the condition and comfort of your home. Don’t wait to do these items until it is time to sell because there could be complications during the home inspection but most all; you will get to enjoy the new additions to your home.