Although not scientific, a recent Twitter pole conducted by Snohomish County Council Member Nate Nehring asked the question What should be the top priorities of the Snohomish County Council in 2022?. The results concluded with 50% of the voters choosing Reducing the tax burden. That is not surprising after researching the rise in taxes over the last 5 years - see below graphic.

Snohomish County Property Taxes raise over 34% in 5 Years

Title: Homeowners Worry as Snohomish County Property Taxes Rise Over 34% in 5 Years

With property tax totals climbing over $1.5 billion in 2022, it’s no wonder Snohomish County Council Member Nate Nehring’s Twitter poll concluded that reducing tax burden is of the highest concern for taxpayers. If you’re a homeowner in Snohomish County, you’re probably familiar with the extreme rise of taxes in recent years. Since 2017, total property taxes collected in the county jumped from $1.175 billion to $1.583 billion – a $4 million dollar increase in just five years. With property taxes risen more than 34%, homeowners seem likely aren’t to happy haven’t been shy in voicing their opinions with county leadership.

Title: Unanimously Approved: ADU’s on Rural Home Lots Gets Boost!

According to county councilmember Nate Nehring “Today, my ordinance allowing DADUs to be constructed on rural lots was unanimously approved. This is a great option for families, including a potential home for elderly relatives. As housing becomes more expensive, it's critical we think outside the box to support Sno Co families”.

As local real estate brokers, we can see the benefits for homeowners considering multi-generational living because their 1) kid’s family is growing yet cannot afford to purchase/rent on their own, and 2) have aging parents who need to downsize or need to be close to family due to health concerns is a consistent topic within our sphere.

Email your thought questions, and/or concerns to and we’ll be happy to have a conversation regarding ADU’s. Or, if you’re looking to purchase land or a home with a larger parcel we’d love to be of assistance.

Title: Median Home Price Soars from $221,900 to $645,000

In a 10-year span, the residential median home price across Snohomish County increased 290%. This is great news for sellers yet buyers experience the challenges when purchasing.