These 7 INTERACTIVE graphs illustrate the Snohomish County real estate market as of the end of May 2024. They let you explore past trends by highlighting specific periods, giving you a clear view of the area's housing statistics over time.

Statistics Covered in This Article:

  • Median Home Price
  • Number of Homes for Sale
  • Median Days on Market
  • Median Percent of Last List Price
  • Median Percent of Original List Price
  • Median Price Per Square Foot.

June's Housing Statistics

Median Home Price: As of May 2024 the median home price was $828,995.


Active Homes for Sale: Since the new year, the number of Homes for Sale has over doubled from 412 to 926.


Median Days on Market: The Median Days a home will stay on the market has decreased to 5 days. The days on market are not zero due to offer review periods.


Percentage of List Price: Since June 2023, the Median Percent of Last List Price (what percent of what a home sells for when compared to its Last listing price) is holding steady at approximately 100% unlike the surge in 2022.


Percentage of ORIGINAL List Price: The Median Percent of Last Original Price (what a property sells for in comparison to its original listing price) has steady increased since November 2022 (market low of 95.8%) to approximately 100%.


Median Price Per Square Foot: The Median Price Per Square Foot (price divided by square footage) has been on the incline since January 2019 (and before) to May's current value of $419 per square foot.