How Many Different Ways are There to Do Real Estate?Over the years as a listing agent and a buyer's agent real estate agent, one thing holds true day-in and day-out: there are many different ways to "do real estate" and not one way is the right one way. For many, it takes time sitting down and contemplating the complex nature of real estate or the housing industry as a whole to determine which is their path yet many do start by earning their real estate license.

When the decision has been made to jump into real estate industry it also goes hand-in-hand with a person's own stage of life: just turning 18, recently together, married, divorced, stable and secure, and/or approaching retirement. Whatever the life stage, there is a way.

It should be noted that while there is no one right way to "do real estate", there are plenty of wrong ways to "do real estate" which that topic is best saved for a later date.

To get started and not to dive into the depth of all the ways to "do real estate; let's keep it simple and list as many possible ways a person or persons can "do real estate".

  1. Buying a First Home or Property
  2. Selling a First Home or Property
  3. Purchasing a First Investment Property
  4. Purchasing Multiple Investment Properties
  5. Selling a Investment Property
  6. Divestment a Portfolio of Real Estate
  7. Buying or Selling a Single Family Home
  8. Buying or Selling a Condo or Townhomes
  9. Buying or Selling Multi-Unit Properties
  10. Buying or Selling Vacant Land
  11. Buying or Selling a Manufactured Home
  12. Buying or Selling a Manufactured Home Community
  13. Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent
  14. Become a Licensed Mortgage Officer
  15. Work in a Title and/or Escrow Office
  16. Become a Real Estate Attorney
  17. Become a Real Estate Trainer
  18. Become a Licensed Home Inspector
  19. Work in Housing Related Trade (General Contractor, Framer, Plumber, Electrician, HVAC, Sider, Roofer, Landscaper ... etc)
  20. Become a Private Lender for Home Buyers
  21. Become a Private Lender for Investors and Developers
  22. Purchase ONLY Distressed Properties (Short Sales, Foreclosures, Auctions, HUD Homes, etc.)
  23. Teach Continuing Education to Industry Professionals
  24. Buy and Sell Short-Term Rentals (VRBOs, AirBnB, etc)
  25. Buy and Sell Recreational Properties
  26. Own / Manage a Real Estate Office
  27. Own / Manage a Property Management Company
  28. Own / Manage a Mortgage Brokerage Company
  29. Attend a Real Estate Conferences
  30. Decide Not To Buy a Property or Properties
  31. Buy and Sell Commercial Properties
  32. Rent Commercial Properties
  33. Buy Commercial Properties
  34. Become a Commercial Real Estate Broker
  35. Become a Commercial Real Estate Lender
  36. Buy and Sell Out-of-State Properties
  37. Buy and Sell Out-of-Country Properties

The list can likely go on and on being the real estate industry is vast, ever growing, and evolving. So I ask the question: what field or sector of the real estate industry has been missed?

Share with us in the comments below.