Selling a home is more than deciding on a price and installing a sign in the ground. Selling a home or property is a thorough process in which there are many steps to plan for as well as pit falls to avoid. Below is a Infographic breaking down the steps in the residential home selling process.

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Home Selling Flowchart Infographic

  1. Talk to Homeowner & Gather the Basics: Before meeting at the home, it's helpful to learn basic information such as the address and property details. This gives the agent an idea of what to expect before setting an appointment to meet at the home.
  2. Meet the Home: Homes are like people - no two are the same. Visiting your home is the best way to get to know your home, which allows us to have better insight into what it may sell for and who might be interested in buying the home.
  3. Prepare Listing Presentation: After meeting your home, the agent will return to the office to prepare a listing presentation along with a formal Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and estimated seller's net proceeds sheet.
  4. Present Findings & Market Strategy: After gathering data and finalizing reports, the agent will schedule a time to meet at the office, or the home, with the seller. At this meeting, the CMA, estimated seller's net proceeds sheet, and listing presentation will be reviewed, which will include the marketing plan for your home.
  5. Sign Listing Agreement: Now that you've been presented with the findings, you may be ready to sign a listing agreement with the agent. This doesn't necessarily need to the happen at the listing presentation meeting. You're welcome to take time to think about your decision.
  6. Prepare You Home for Sale: Now that you've decided to work your agent, it's time to get your home ready to list. This might include reviewing maintenance items de-cluttering, and discussing staging opportunities with your agent.
  7. Schedule Photos & Video: Photos are a great opportunity to show off your home and make your listing stand out. If you choose us, you'll get professional photos, drone video, and 360 degree (VR) video that will show every angle of your home and property.
  8. List Your Home, Schedule Open House, & Produce Property Ads: Your home is now listed! Your agent will schedule an open house for the following weekend and begin producing ads to share across all platforms. The marketing plan discussed in earlier stages will take full affect.
  9. Provide Feedback to Seller: While your home is listed, your agent will fielding calls and email from buyers and buyer's agents. Your agent will provide insight into how your listing is progressing. In some instances, depending these conversations, certain details of the listing may need to be addressed, such as listing price.
  10. Present Any & All Offers: You'll probably be ear to hear about offers made on your home. Our team strives to communicate quickly and effective, but this can look difference for different situations. All offers will be presented timely, yet this could look different if there is an offer review period associated with the listing.
  11. Select Offer & Negotiate Additional Terms: After your agent has presented all offers, you'll have a chance to discuss and select the best one. This is a time when other terms can be negotiated as well, such as purchase price, closing date, possession, charges and assessments, and personal property left in the home.
  12. Manage Contract Until Closing: While your home is pending, there's still an abundance of activities occurring behind the scenes. This can include following up with the buyer's agent and lender, talking to the appraiser, clearing any title and escrow issues, and negotiating a home inspection. We'll also work with escrow to schedule seller signings and delivery of keys to the buyer's agent.

Congratulations! Your home is now closed and recorded. Enjoy your next chapter!