Wow! What a year 2021 has been and we come into the 4th quarter, Mickie, Tracy, and I (Toby) are working hard to help accomplish folk's real estate goals, make improvements to the website, and revamp our newsletter.

To start, we'd like to thank the nearly 3,500 people who have registered, at one time or another, on the website and the nearly 500 people a day who activity use the website. Being a Snohomish County focused real estate team & website, it is a big deal to us to have so many that continue to find value in what we provide. Since the early years of online home search, circa 2005, when was the first local site to allow people to publicly search properties so much has changed, and we are continuing to look towards the future.

The website is receiving 2 major updates.

  1. The search feature now has an even more Advanced Search section that is kind of hidden - we're working on that. The new Advanced Search section allows users search to search with finer detail that the normal search currently displayed. See it in action here.
  2. The city pages have had their most recent property listings display count increased from 15 to 100. While most cities have a 100 or more properties for sale some do not. This change also will be applied to the city's subpages: neighborhoods, near schools, property style, by price, and zip code.

So what is "the new" with the newsletter?

In the coming months, you'll notice regularly local real estate content being produced with blog post sharing Snohomish County housing statistics, home maintenance minute videos, hot properties and/or investor alerts, and our latest properties for sale - not necessarily in that order.

In addition, we'll be likely trying out multiple layouts to see what you all like best and that is most friendly to use phones, tablets, and personal computers. The styles are:

  1. Basic with text & video blocks (in line with the current format).
  2. A real estate centric style that is crisp and clean.
  3. A soft, more artistic layout that mirrors today's modern interior decorating style.

We're hoping these changes greatly improve your experience and would welcome any feedback.

That is all for now so I must get back to contracts and getting my 3 latest properties ready for market. Hope all is well with you, your family & friends, and work.

Talk soon.


Barnett Associates Team