On the surface, Preparing a Home for Sale doesn't seem to be all the involved. Make the beds, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, and schedule pictures right? Maybe for some it can be that easy yet for many its not.

Preparing a Home for Sale takes more time than most think and starting now, while the weather is nasty out, is great use of time. Here, in two videos, Toby shares tips on getting a home ready to sell this spring.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

In this video we look at the Out of Sight, Out of Minds items that home owners may not think about till the home inspection response, or an issue arises.

3 Things to do in Winter

To sell a home in Spring, a homeowner should start prepping a home in the winter months. What are 3 Things a Homeowner can do in Winter to prepare a home for sale in Spring.

  1. Packup all the non-essentials.
  2. Declutter the home and patch holes.
  3. Take care of maintenance items that may arise on a home inspection.

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