Commuting Times vs Housing Costs Washington StateWhen moving to a new area, it's important to consider all factors that may impact your daily routine. In Western Washington, and more specifically Snohomish County, has limited interstates and highways for commuters to travel. Its a major soar spot for everyone that lives here and even if a home is located relatively close to your workplace, heavy traffic can greatly increase the time it takes to get to your destination.

It's often the case in Snohomish County that a homeowner's commute is based on time rather than mileage and with that. there are 2 Things to Know about commute and housing.

First, the shorter the commute time the likelihood the higher the housing cost a homeowner will be facing. Now there are some exceptions yet it is not the norm.

Second, Snohomish County has only a handful of major thoroughfares. Traveling north and south are I-5 and Highway 9 then traveling east and west are Highway 2, the Boeing Freeway (Highway 526) and a little bit of 522

There are other main roads like Smokey Point Blvd, Seattle Hill Rd, Bothell-Everett Highway, Airport Rd, Evergreen and Marine Dr as well yet those aren't the majors and serve as secondary.

Also, keep in mind that it may take 30 minutes to get across town because of traffic, getting stuck at a railroad crossing. After if you're going to Seattle, just plan an hour because there are always accidents, could be a Mariners, Seahawks, and/or Kraken game that day. Or, the weather could just be bad.

Q: So why not just construct more road?
A: Believe me, everyone here would absolutely love that yet somewhat improbable.

Snohomish County has natural barriers that make it difficult to build and plan new highways. The county's western boarder is the Puget Sound and the eastern boarder are the Cascades and her foothills (purposely kept politics out of this). And, in between the existing highway system are neighborhoods after neighborhoods.

Limited Highways + Natural Barriers = Lack of Commute Options

The lack of commute options creates the demand for convenience and that convenience comes with a cost, higher housing prices. Or, on the flip side. If you're trying to stay within a lower budget the trade off will be less square footgage in a home.

This is just something to think about if you're moving to a Snohomish County town and trying to figure out how much time you want to spend on the road.

Opinion: Our mass transit systems are underutilized.