Have economic times changed since the 2007 financial / real estate melt down? It appears so. According the United States Department of Labor Snohomish County has the 2nd lowest unemployment is in the State at 5.7%, just behind King County’s 5.1%. Breathing a collective sigh of relief over the 787 Dreamliner’s being cleared to fly and the demand for popular Boeing lines, Snohomish County residents enter into Summer with the best economy in years.

Questions for the Public

  1. Have you directly felt the impact from low unemployment?
  2. Is your local business better financially?
  3. Are you now employed?
  4. Has the local economy shifted for good?
  5. Are you still weary of long term health of the economy?

Even thought Snohomish County’s unemployment is really low, I have a hard time not feeling that the area is experiencing as similar pattern that led to the 07 bubble burst – low unemployment, low housing inventory, and surging home values. Please share your thoughts I would like to hear from you.