Snohomish County housing inventory has increased 15.75% in July and is on pace with 2016 levels. Which means more homes for sale, more competition to sell a home, and ever higher important to price accordingly if selling a property.

Snohomish County Housing Inventory August 2018

The price per square foot and steadily inclined since January 2013 yet shows a drop off in July 2018. Does that mean that prices will correct downwards through year's end? We'll find out but its typically for prices to soften as Summer comes to an end. How much though is to be determined.

Snohomish County Residential Price per Squre Foot ration August 2018

Pending inventory is down in July and is down from the same point in 2017. What does that mean? It means, the velocity of the market place is slowing and started slowing back in June 2018.

Snohomish County Pending Housing Data for August 2018