Washington State has some of the most iconic views across the nation. The Puget Sound set front and center to the marvelous Cascade Mountains provide a photographer's dream of perfect subject matter. These photographs have stem from around the state and have garnered national attention

Yet, locally, Snohomish County has best views in the State.


I'm biased, that's why. In all honesty, yes I am biased, I'm a lifelong County resident of Snohomish County and have had the pleasure to ski her mountains, boat on her waters, spend time on her lakes and rivers, and underneath the stars that bath her in light (when its not cloud of course).

So for this blog post, which has been long over due in writing, I will be updating as I take photos from around the area with my handy cell phone and karma. Please enjoy this ever evolving post and the Sunsets of Snohomish County!

Sunsets from my House in Lakewood

Sunset picture from Lakewood near Stanwood Wa

Glowing sunset from Lakewood near Arlington Wa

Sunset from Lakewood near Marysville