Have you recently relocated to Washington State? Wondering what's there to do in a State known for clouds and grey skies, rain, drizzle, and rocky beaches?

Then read up on recreational activities in Washington State and stay tuned for more in this series in this recreation series. I'm of the opinion, that living in the Pacific Northwest takes a "whole bunch" of getting outside, even when the weather isn't cooperating.

In the video below, you'll get a unique look at one of Washington's most visited attractions, Deception Pass State Park. Even with cloudy weather during the flight, Deception Pass offers remarkable views: the Cascades, from Mt. Baker to Mount Rainer, Deception Island, Strawberry Island, Ben Ure Island, Macs Cove and Miller Bay.

Visiting the Park is a must-do if you're just arriving to the State just be aware that nearly 2 million people visit the area annually. Enjoy!