Summer has arrived. It's sunny, warm, and not a hint of rain in the forecast. Summer 2015 is shaping up to be a great one and with that, take advantage of it. In the continue Washington Tourism Series we take a look at something deeply rooted in Washington, trains.

On May 31st, the family loaded up to explore the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad and Museum. Coffees and hot cocos in hand, the adventure began in the morning's wee hours with us departing Arlington and arriving in Elbe, Wa. The drive was easy enough due to the time we left as well as parking and boarding the train.

On the 40 minute ride to the museum, the kids (ok us adults too) ate popcorn and had waters, which were available on the train, while taking pictures and video of our adventure. The ride was fun and the scenery spectacular though it would have been nice to see Mt. Rainier with no cloud cover. But that is Washington.

The video below shows our family's adventure starting at the train depot, to the museum, and ends with aerial drone video. Special thanks to MTSR for granting permission to fly at the museum and we hope you like the video. Get out there and explore Washington, you'll be glad you did.