What are quick home search links and how are they used to find homes? For a bit of background, our website is designed to show case properties in the area we serve.

The Home page, www.BarnettAssociates.net, is about Snohomish County as a whole and additional pages have been created for each of the County's cities and town.

If you're looking in Bothell, Mill Creek, Snohomish, Stanwood, and/or other cities/towns then just place the desired city's name at the end of the domain. Here you'll find the City Page.

Example: www.BarnettAssociates.net/Marysville

For this email, we'll keep looking at Marysville and see what Quick Links are available and how they make property searching simple.

How Do Quick Links Work?

Quick Links work by immediately showing properties using a pre-built property search.

For example: Quick Links are based on neighborhood, price ranges, property styles, and land.

Quick Search Navigation LinksRight Hand Navigation Bar

Every City Page has 4 Quick Link sections: Search by Neighborhood, Search by Price, Search by Style, and Search by Land (not seen in the image).

If you're wanting to see property availability in a particular neighborhood then click the appropriate link and see the all the homes for sale (pendings and sold are not displayed). Search by Price has a variety of ranges depending on the size of the area. Everett has more price range links than Sultan.

*Don't see a neighborhood? Email us and we'll get it added.

* The mobile version places the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

Bayview Ridge MarysvilleLooking at a Real World Example

Neighborhood Page Example: On The Hill in Marysville

Neighborhood pages pull neighborhood info from the MLS to organize versus a mapping feature to isolate areas. In this example, properties from On The Hill, east Marysville, incorporate specific neighborhoods like Rock Creek, Bayview Ridge, Berrrywoods, Copper Creek, and Whiskey Ridge.

These pages also sort the latest 15 properties from date the property was listing, newest being first.

So if you're wanting to live in a particular area and not always search then neighborhood pages will be helpful.

One last thing.

If quick links aren't working then visit the SEARCH HOMES link to customize and create as many property searches as needed.

Want to learn about creating multiple property searches? Read the Style Guide for pro tips.