When do I get house keys after signing closing documents?When Do I get My Keys after Signing Closing Documents? That is a common question throughout the purchasing process and rightfully so. Keys are important and after searching for the right home, working through the home loan process, navigating the home purchase process, and managing personal stress its always nice to receive keys sooner than later and be finished.

Eventhough the purchase is nearly complete buyers are still unclear when they'll receive keys. In this article, three ways will be shared about how and when buyer's receive their keys when purchasing a home.

UPON CLOSING: Line 11 of the Purchase & Sale Contract outlines the Closing Date and Possession Date. If the closing date is for August 19, 2022 and the box is checked for Possession upon closing then buyer will receive keys after the property closes and records at Snohomish County.

DELAYED BUYER POSSESSION CLOSING: Back to Line 11, if the closing date is for August 19, 2022 and BUYER Possession is August 22, 2022 then upon closing and recording at Snohomish County buyer is entitled to a set of keys even though seller will remain in the home till the 22nd. The buyer then becomes the landlord, who is entitled to keys to property they own, yet the now landlord must now follow Landlord Tenant Law.

EARLY OCCUPANCY: If both buyer and seller agree, in writing, on the Purchase and Sale Contract then a buyer can obtain house keys early through that written agreement.

A common buyer followup question is: But I signed all the closing documents so why do I get the keys now? I mean, its pretty much a done deal.

Even though a homebuyer has signed all the closing documents that is not closing and recording with Snohomish County. And, the Purchase and Sale Contract dictates closing and subsequently possession. If you're not sure when closing is then refer to Line 11 of Page 1 of the Purchase and Sale Contract for those terms.