Is it a good time to sell a home in Snohomish County? Yes. It is a great time to sell properties in Snohomish County and that is not just a advertising ploy. Year over year, Snohomish County continues to experience extremely low inventory levels during the winter months and into early spring.

Being that we're approaching 2022, lets visit residential inventory levels from previous years to see when the ideal time to list a Snohomish County property is in its given city.

Monthly Housing Inventory Trends - Snohomish County

Housing inventory across Snohomish County are the lowest right after the new year with a major uptick in April. To be ready to list your home in April then start knocking off those home improvements items through the holidays and early new year. Housing inventory peeks through July - September so don't be late when listing and compete with a ton more properties.

Monthly Housing Inventory Trends - Arlington

Arlington seems a steep increase in homes for sale starting in April and rises all the way to August with a subsequent decline when September arrives. If live in Arlington then plan over the holidays yet time your listing to be on the market no later than July because the most competitive market is in August.

Monthly Housing Inventory Trends - Bothell

Bothell is a bit more dramatic with housing inventory staying steady through the the 1st quarter with inventory doubling in the 2nd quarter and then doubling again in July. Yet, when August arrives the housing inventory starts its rapid decline. To time Bothell's trend and stay ahead of competition, get ready after the first of the year and list your home no later than July's surge.

Monthly Housing Trends - Edmonds

Edmonds is pretty consistent with the low inventory after this first of the year the doubling in April (Spring). However, don't wait to long as Edmonds' peaks in August, so depending on how home sales progress through 2022, competition could be higher prior to September's fall off.

Monthly Housing Trends - Everett

Everett's housing inventory trends steady through March and dramatically increases in April through September. If you're planning on selling then work through the winter months prepping interior and have it ready for market in April/May.

Monthly Housing Trends - Gold Bar

Gold Bar doesn't have the sale volume as other towns in eastern Snohomish County just due to its size. However, the ideal time frame is still the Spring and to start early as Gold Bar tends to see longer market times because of how far our on SR 2 its located.

Monthly Housing Trends - Granite Falls

Granite Falls really surges in inventory in June which isn't surprising being a mountain/foothills community. Look to list your home in June / July to beat the rush and get your home sold prior to Fall.

Monthly Housing Trends - Index

Not much to say about Index though it would be best to probably not list a property from November to late February due to mountain and pass conditions.

Monthly Housing Trends - Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens' housing inventory stays pretty steady till after June and then experiences steep incline. Being a lake community people seem to wait to the weather really heats up to get their homes on the market. If you're not on the lake, you may want to be ready to list in June prior to all the competition.

Monthly Housing Trends - Lynnwood

Lynnwood's housing inventory remains low till April then experiences a consistent increase all the way to the peak in July. After July, Lynnwood's inventory falls off. Spring is still the sweet spot to list your home so don't get caught in August when market times tend to trend upwards.

Monthly Housing Trends - Marysville

Last year, Marysville held steady until July where a major spike in homes for sale happened. From the graph, in July, Marysville housing inventory doubled to over 80 homes then tapered off all the way into October (unusual). Being that Marysville is Snohomish County's 2nd largest housing market maybe folks were waiting to see what the Covid fallout would be prior to listing in Spring. If the graph holds true into 2022 then get ready to list in June / July and avoid a little competition.

Marysville Washington monthly housing inventory in 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Mill Creek

The only time folks really sell in Mill Creek is April otherwise housing inventory remains pretty low.

2021 Housing inventory for Mill Creek Wa

Monthly Housing Trends - Monroe

Unlike other Snohomish County town, Monroe see a fair amount of homes for sale throughout the year. A lot of that has to do with all the new construction homes available which bolsters housing inventory levels. The graph does point to the Spring market when more homes become available and with the peak in September. 

Home inventory levels for Monroe Wa in 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Mukilteo

Mukilteo's housing inventory jump in July, climbs in August then tapers to July levels in August and September. This isn't suprising since the weather is better and Mukilteo has many view homes in neighborhoods like Smugglers Cove, Harbour Pointe, and Goat Trail.

Housing inventory for Mukilteo Wa 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Snohomish

Snohomish has experiences a Spring market and a Summer market. The Spring market kicks off with a spike in housing inventory in April then tapers off to the second, much larger, spike in July. The sweet spot to list your Snohomish is at the end of June or right after 4th of July.

Housing inventory for Snohomish Wa 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Stanwood

Stanwood start to see increased housing inventory starting in Spring then nearly doubles once July comes. If you're to list your home then work through these winter months and time to be ready in early to late June. Just be careful not to push the listing time close to 4th of July.

Housing inventory for Stanwood Wa in 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Sultan

Sultan's housing inventory remain low a the start of the year then sees a spike in late Summer. Like Monroe, this could be due to the new construction homes and not the resale housing market since Sultan is another new construction hotbed. To beat the rush, put your home on the market in mid to late July.

Housing inventory for Sultan Wa 2021

Monthly Housing Trends - Woodinville

Snohomish County Woodinville is a really small market since most of Woodinville resides in King County. From the graph I would bank on listing in Spring to early Summer.

Housing inventory for Woodinville Wa 2021

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