Whether you’re selling a home or buying a home in today’s fast paced real estate climate, it is wise to hire an experienced real estate broker. There are many reasons for this: a real estate broker keeps current with housing trends and local statistics that impact pricing, are required to take and complete continuing education courses in contracts and more, and typically sell more homes in a five year period than the typical homeowner.

Why should I hire one real estate agent?Some think that real estate brokers are the used car salesmen and are only looking out for themselves. I’ve been told this personally on more than one occasion yet this article isn’t here to argue opinions of our chosen professional. However, this article is here to give advice that when hiring a real estate broker you hire one, and only one.

Let me explain though I’ll have to back track just a bit.

I’ve been told by some they like to work with many real estate brokers because they feel like they get more information and can’t always rely on their agent to pick up the phone, answer an email or text, around the clock. They use many websites because the information is different and try to get any agent to show them a house at a moment’s notice. They don’t care who writes an offer on a home as long as they get the house they want.

Fair enough. The logic is there for information gathering and trying to get the best deal by talking to as many agents as possible. However, I’m of the opinion that when working with too many agents at once the experience is actually diminished.

So, Why Should I Work with (Hire) Only One Real Estate Agent?

  1. Less Confusion
  2. More Opportunity
  3. Improved Communication

Less Confusion: Talking to many real estate agents at once gets confusing and its difficult to remember which agents said what. In addition, information received can vary from agent to agent because agents have a varying levels of experience and knowledge.

More Opportunity: When working with one agent a seller and buyer can work through details and challenges together to find where there is opportunity. If selling, a homeowner can know when the best time to list their home is and for how much. If buying, a homebuyer can share the details of their purchase and if those details change, keep their agent informed.

Improved Communication: If the communication between one buyer/seller is happening with one real estate agent then notes can be kept, records can be updated, home searches can be modified, and discussion can be on going.

It is also important to remember that real estate agents are not mind readers.

We rely on communication with our clients to understand aspirations, to solve unforeseen problems, to formulate plans that are derived from experience, and too keep the home buying and selling process moving forward.

With these reasons it doesn’t mean a home seller or buyer is bound to a particular agent for life yet we'll save that topic for a later time.

Hope this article on Why Should I Work with (Hire) Only One Real Estate Agent? has been helpful and we’d love to hear your thoughts.