Selling a House During the HolidaysDo People Buy or Sell a Home During the Holidays? It is a common industry myth that people do not buy or sell homes during the holiday season (November through January). The rational behind this myth is: people would rather enjoy the holidays without having to worry about showing(s) while guests are visiting and no one want to be move while the weather is poor.

If you believe the myth then there is no point to list a home for sale or shop online and available homes for sale.

But the answer to the question Do People Buy or Sell a Home During the Holidays? the answer is "Yes". And, its an even better time to sell and buy home for the following reasons.

Less Competition

A seller's home usually has less competition because people subscribe to the holiday season myth. Similarly, home buyers have less competition from buyers that maybe wanting to purchase the same property.


People's careers take them in and out of the area for their work at Boeing, the healthcare field, the Navy, and now Amazon. As a result, people need to sell their property to free up financing for a future purchase or they're moving into the area and want to buy a home to get settled.

Life Happens

Unfortunately, death, debt, and divorce still happen and estates & properties need to be sold. This is not necessarily attribute to the holidays yet it can take time to get through probate, divorce, or a bankruptcy and the list date just happens to be in the holiday months.

How Many Home have been Listed since Nov. 1 2022?

According to the NWMLS, there were 483 properties listed between November 1, 2022 and December 1 2022. After reviewing them, a small portion were 71 that canceled and relisted or came back on the market for another reason. So the truer number is 412 properties that had a market time of 30 days or less.

So, to answer the question Do People Buy or Sell a Home During the Holidays? the answer is a resounding Yes. If you considering selling this time of year and would like to hire expert service then please contact us.

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