Snohomish County New Construction Updates

June 9, 2023

What Percentage of Homes for Sale are New Construction?

A long time ago, in a real estate market far removed from today, new construction homes used to supplement Snohomish County's housing inventory and not comprise such a significant part. However, times have changed and available housing inventory has been on a steep decline since 2016. If you have ...

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Sept. 22, 2021

3rd Quarter New Construction Inventory Trends

New construction update in Snohomish County WaOver the previous several years, Snohomish County has experienced monumental growth within the new construction housing market dating back to mid 2013. To prologue this article, lets go back in time to 2007 when home values were plummeting and housing inventory was skyrocketing.

During the 2007 Recession local builders and ...

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July 9, 2014

Snohomish County New Homes & Lot Sales Report June 2014

Below are data tables from June's recorded lot sales, unrecorded lot sales, and new construction home sales for Snohomish County Washington. DR Hortorn, Seattle Pacific, Pacific Ridge, and Lennar continue to purchase lots, develop, and build. All the sales are in cronological order of sales dates (dates are not ...

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