One of the biggest mysteries of the 20th century has been the legend of Bigfoot and Snohomish County, as well as the Pacific Northwest, is no stranger to this mythical creature. While many local reports claim to have seen Bigfoot most are just written off as crack heads staying up for days seeing shadow people. If you have been a resident of Snohomish County for some time then you may have heard stories and/or have first hand accounts. There were even bumper stickers floating around saying “I saw Bigfoot in Smokey Point”. Not sure if those are even available anymore.Well I am not hear to prove nor disprove claims of Bigfoot but just to share what I’ve found when exploring the County’s Bigfoot history. One of the earliest reports found was from August 1977, near Hannan Lake – Monroe area – and the story goes:

"A creature was standing in knee deep water in the back of the cove facing outward but bent over splashing water on its chest the way a person tests the temperaure before getting in. Someone said “WHAT IS THAT?” Altogether the boaters looked to shore and the creature straightened and looked directly at them. Without hesitation or hurry it turned and walked out of the lake and into the woods. The boaters rowed over to the shore intending to see what might be found. They abandoned the effort when the boat got into murky, weed choked water. The shore was covered by dense trees and was creepy under the circumstances. The sighting distance was about 100 yds. –"

Since then, has accumulated many Bigfoot sighting within Snohomish County, and coincidentally, and 35 years after the 1977 report comes a report dated August 2012. A Army vet and his girlfriend were camping off The Mountain Loop Highway, similarly to the 1977 report, when they heard splashing in the nearby river – could this be a Sasquatch bath? – when other campers almost collided with the hairy beast as it crossed the highway.

Other reports discuss rocks and sticks being thrown at them, which is said to be a Bigfoot characteristic, while on Green Mountain and Heather Lake Trail, vocalizations near Verlot and Poodle Dog pass outside Monte Cristo, history of events in Stanwood, and much more. All the report noted in the post can be found on’s Sno. Co. page.

Also, BFRO is planning an expedition to the Cascade from July 25th – 28th – check their FAQ’s page.

Have you or friends every seen, heard, and/or experienced something unexplained in the Cascade Mountains that is not like nature as you’ve seen it? If so, I would love to hear your tails of Bigfoot.