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Oct. 8, 2019

Pink the Rink at Angel of the Wind Arena

Pink the Rink Angel of the Wind Arena

Join us Oct. 12th at Angels of the Winds Arena for Pink the Rink and raise awareness for Breast Cancer and celebrate survivors.

When: October 12, 2019
Where: Angel of the Wind Arena (Everett)
Time: Puck drops at 7:05pm


Pink the Rink is charity ...

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June 22, 2017

A Great Day at Drone-Stravaganza

On June 17th & 18th, the Museum of Flight invited us to their 2017 Drone-stravaganza to share knowledge and our business's use of drones within the real estate industry. It was a great honor to be invited by a respected local organization, meet and talk with all the wonderful ...

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Jan. 17, 2017

Snow Falling Timelapse Video

Can you believe it, the rain has returned and the snow has all melted. At our house, we had snow holding on during the cold days yet its all since faded. Here is a video from late December which gave us a While Christmas.

Sept. 11, 2015

What is the Largest City in Snohomish County?

2015 Snohomish County Census Data

It may seem pretty self-explanatory to know what the largest city in Snohomish County is. Or, how Snohomish County cities compare to each other and where you might find subruban, rural, or urban living. Yet the census list may surprise.

Everett takes the top honors with 105,800 residents which ...

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Aug. 20, 2015

Live Digital Map of Every Wildfire in Washington State

Found on, the above live map shows every wildfire within Washington State and is complete with interactive YouTube and Flickr links.

As impressive as the wildfire map is, it is sad and eye opening realization to how many fires are effecting Washingtonians (and the rest of the Nation ...

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May 13, 2014

Are Building Rules Going to Change Post Oso Slide?

The date March 22, 2014 will live in the minds and hearts of Snohomish County residents for years to come. The Oso community's losses are more than tragic; they were our friends, our family, and our neighbors. For those who don't know, Oso's attraction is almost obvious ...

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Nov. 7, 2013

The Legend of Big Foot in Snohomish County

One of the biggest mysteries of the 20th century has been the legend of Bigfoot and Snohomish County, as well as the Pacific Northwest, is no stranger to this mythical creature. While many local reports claim to have seen Bigfoot most are just written off as crack heads staying up ...

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May 22, 2013

Snohomish County has 2nd Lowest State Unemployment

Have economic times changed since the 2007 financial / real estate melt down? It appears so. According the United States Department of Labor Snohomish County has the 2nd lowest unemployment is in the State at 5.7%, just behind King County’s 5.1%. Breathing a collective sigh of relief over the ...

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