Buying, Selling, Investing Blog PostWhether you're needing to buy a home, needing to sell a home (primary residence or other), looking to purchase your first, or next, investment property, or just getting started and self educating, there is a lot to process when it comes to homeownership.

In this blog post, the goal is to share information so anyone, not matter the stage of ownership or knowledge, can watch market conditions, read up or get a refresher on the buying and selling process, and/or tune in and watch real estate in under one minute on relevant, Snohomish County information.

Most people start with purchasing their first house and no matter how many times we review the purchasing process there is always more refreshing that can be done. Why is that? Well, for most people, buying a home is stressful, full of new lingo and jargon, and can be completely overwhelming and its hard to grasp the whole process when its all brand new.

Even if you're looking at houses these 10 steps highlight important items like hiring a real estate agent, obtaining financing pre-approval, analyzing needs in a buyer consultation, viewing properties, writing an offer to purchase, negotiating, inspection and funding and closing on the property. Home buying doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming and its why we're here to help you find the right home at the right price. That is why, we've condensed the process into a easy to follow home buyer's flow chart.

Now that you own a home, maybe through a purchase or inheritance, you need to sell that home yet haven't done it before. Like buying, selling a home can be just as stressful, confusing, and overwhelming. Many think selling is easy, and in recent times with very low inventory (low seller competition) it can be, yet there are many moving parts, many different parties, and many unknowns that can arise. Even something as simple as strangers walking through your home might seem weird and awkward, an experienced real estate broker will be able to guide you through the process, share best practices, managed expectations, and so much more.

Where to start with selling? Again, we've made a easy to follow selling process flow chart that highlights the many steps like gathering the basics, meeting the home and the owners, preparing the listing presentation and marketing strategy, review pricing recommendations, listing the property and showing the property to potential buyers, negotiating a buyer's offer and closing procedures.

Maybe you're neither buyer or selling yet want to watch market conditions for some future decision? Check into the Snohomish County market report page to view live statistics on Active, Pending and Sold properties for every town & city and users can even create custom reports that can be focused on neighborhood, bedroom and bathroom count, lot size and much, much more. These market reports are a great way to stay on top of the local real estate market without have to search or read lengthy updates. Just local numbers delivered right to your inbox.

If you're looking for more broad topics and want to do some general reading, the blog has the following categories to grow your knowledge base:

Thank you for reading today's long blog post on what to read when buying, selling, or investing. We are here to help and look forward to share more knowledge with our readers.