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June 6, 2022

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit score is an integral part of qualifying for a home loan and typically the most critical. So, here are 10 simple ways to improve your credit over the next 6 months.

But before getting into the the 10 ways, let's look at factors that impact a credit score. According to the Experian app.:

What makes up a credit score?

  • Payment History: 35% of your FICO score is based on payment history.
  • Types of Credit Used: 10% of your FICO Score is based on the different types of credit you have.
  • Pursuit of New Credit: 10% of your FICO Score is based on recent inquiries and recently opened accounts.
  • Length of Credit: 15% of your FICO Score is based on how long you've had your credit.
  • Outstanding Debt: 30% of your FICO Score is based on your outstanding debt.

Over the years, I've spoken with many folks who think their credit is in such dire shape that there is little hope of fixing it. Since they think there's no hope, they usually do nothing and the credit problem persists. However, it is very important to know that there is hope, credit can be fixed, and it won't take the rest of your life to do.

These recommendations are not something dreamed up, these are strategies to improve your credit score.

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June 1, 2022

The Do's & Don'ts for a Smooth Loan Approval

Are you researching the home loan process? If so, here is an easy to follow flowchart on the Do's & Don't of a Smooth Home Loan based on our experience and recommendations from our preferred lender.

The Do's & Don't of a Smooth Loan Approval

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May 19, 2022

What Should You Do After Closing on Your Home?

What should you do after closing on your new home?The closing documents have been signed and you are now holding the keys to your new home. At the Barnett Associates Tea,, we strive to deliver an exceptional level of service in a ll phases of the homebuying process and are pleased to assist after the purchase as well.

So, What Should You Do After Closing on a Home?

Get Excited: Purchasing a home is really big deal, lots of hard work, and should be celebrated. Yet, don't celebrate to hard as there is lots to do while planning the move.

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May 5, 2022

REALTOR® vs Flat Fee Listing Agent / Brokerage

Barnett Associates Team are NAR MembersWhen selling a home, its important to remember the homeowner has every right to hire, not hire, sell, and not sell as they wish. It is not for a REALTOR®, or any other real estate broker, to try and strongarm the owner into hiring and selling. The homeowner retains that right and needs no other’s permission – unless they’re in a short sale situation.

With that said, it equally important to understand the differences, the challenges, and possible pitfalls of not hiring a professional, full-time REALTOR®.

Why is this topic worth exploring?

The reason being is: when homeowners decide to sell a property and choose to either hire a flat fee agent / brokerage their primary reason tends to be saving money – mainly real estate commissions. I agree, commission do add up and are a line item that if can be saved, why not.

I mean, its always smart to save money and if a home owner can save $25,000 then that is $25,000 more that can go to the home owner’s bank account.

However, it is not that simple.

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April 14, 2022

What are Capital Gain Taxes on Real Estate?

Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of Real Estate

Anytime we are helping a single person, married persons, or investor the conversation of capital gains inevitably arises. We've heard a lot of different scenarios why people think they either have-to pay capital gains - because their cousin Vinny told them they do - and it's actually relatively simple to explain.

Here are some questions we've had regarding real estate, selling, and paying capital gains taxes and some simple, straight forward answers.

Question: What are Capital Gains Taxes?

Answer: When a property is sold and there are long term gains on that property then those long term gains are taxed as Capital Gains.

Though there are some differences and inevitably questions arise differentiating between a Primary Residence and an Investment Property.

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April 13, 2022

Locating Your Drainfield in a Quick Video

In the second video in the series How-To Build a Shop in Snohomish County, Toby outlines the correct website to visit to download a property's as-built, how to locate property's drainfield, and identify the property's reserve area.

Q: Why is it important to know a property's septic system is located? 

A: Locating a property's septic system and understanding it details will allow you to focus time and efforts on possible building sites instead of attempting to build in areas that will not be County approved.

In a septic-related video, please watch Septic Systems in the Residential Purchase & Sale.

March 30, 2022

Ready for Success? Experienced Agents are Proven Key to Reaching Real Estate Goals

Here at the Barnett Associates Team, we're ready to work hard to gain the most exposure for your home while netting you the highest possible price. With our years of experience and technical know-how, there are no questions that we cannot answer about market conditions, advertising strategy, and/or what home improvement items should be completed prior to selling. We're here to help!

Ready for Success? Experienced Agents are Proven Key to Reaching Real Estate Goals

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March 29, 2022

Homeowners Worry as Snohomish County Property Taxes Rise Over 34% in 5 Years

Although not scientific, a recent Twitter pole conducted by Snohomish County Council Member Nate Nehring asked the question What should be the top priorities of the Snohomish County Council in 2022?. The results concluded with 50% of the voters choosing Reducing the tax burden. That is not surprising after researching the rise in taxes over the last 5 years - see below graphic.

Snohomish County Property Taxes raise over 34% in 5 Years

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March 28, 2022

Billions of Dollars in Property Taxes – Where Exactly is Your Money Going?

Are you curious how your Snohomish County property tax dollars are allocated between schools, roads, and hospitals? if so, here is a graphic that contains property tax information with actual numbers, and headlines, that are important to Snohomish County property owners for 2022.

Snohomish County Property Taxes 2022

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March 22, 2022

A 10 Year look at Snohomish County Real Estate

Over the last 10 years so much has changed within the Snohomish County real estate market.

In 2012, residents were approaching the end of the tunnel yet were still experiencing longer market times, persistent declining home values, an excess of homes for sale, and an abundance of distressed properties.

Now in 2022, the housing market is in a completely different place with homes and properties selling over asking price, the area has the lowest housing inventory levels seen in history, days on market is virtually at zero, and there are zero foreclosures and short sales County wide.

With these significant changes over the previous 10 years, I thought it would be good to see visual representations of what has transpired with: The Median Sales Price, Available Homes for Sale, and Days on Market for Residential Properties, Vacant Land, and the New Construction segment.

*Note: These are interactive map so individual time points can be viewed.

Residential Homes

Median Sales Price: In January 2012, Snohomish County's median home price was $240,000 and as of February 2022 the median home price climbed to $686,071. The graph shows that in August 2019 was the point at where the median home price really started to spike.

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